White House expels five drug addicts

White House expels five drug addicts
The White House has fired five of its employees for using narcotics such as marijuana. The issue of marijuana use is becoming a headache for President Joe Biden. The main reason behind this is that while 15 provinces including Washington DC have allowed its use for entertainment, the federal government has banned it.

White House press secretary Jane Paky said that employees have not just been fired for using marijuana, but there are more reasons behind it. However, he did not cite any other reason. The first news of employee withdrawals was reported by the Daily Beast website on Thursday night.

Let us tell you that the two-month-old Biden administration has reviewed the work of hundreds of security-related employees. Not only this, the Biden administration has also relaxed the marijuana policy. Now the way has been cleared to have people as employees in the White House, who have used it 15 times a year. The federal government is also somewhat liberal about marijuana use. The Office of Personnel Management issued a memorandum stating that a person should not be disqualified simply because they have used marijuana in the past.

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