Why this statue of Donald Trump is being sold in China

Why this statue of Donald Trump is being sold in China
Former US President Donald Trump is in discussion again. But this time they are not in the headlines for any action or any statement given, but the matter is something else. Indeed, Trump's statues are now being sold in Chinese markets. These idols are carved in the form of Buddha.

According to Insider.com's news, Trump's statues as Buddha are being sold on China's online shopping platform Taobao. These idols have been put up for sale with the slogan ‘Make your company great again’. The post was shared with a photo of a five-foot ceramic statue by a furniture manufacturer in Xiaomi, Fujian Province. The post states that if you want a ceramic statue of former US President Donald Trump as Buddha, now you have a chance to buy it.

The idol seller says that most people bought it just for their entertainment. He said that these idols are being liked by the people and their demand is increasing. The seller gave the information saying that he had produced only 100 idols, but he got more orders than expected and is getting it continuously.

According to the seller, these ceramic statues of Donald Trump are available in two sizes. The first of these is five feet, costing $ 153. At the same time, the second statue is about 14 feet in size and has been priced at $ 613. One person from Beijing is Li Guoqiang, who is a small boss. The firm, said that they are waiting for the smaller size statue so that they can be shipped from Xiaomi as soon as possible.

Wanting to buy Trump's statue, Lee said that seeing Donald Trump's statue as a Buddha, I felt it could be placed in my office as a very comic item. He said that I am waiting for a small statue of Trump, that does not mean that I am a fan of him. I'd rather buy it because the Trump statue looks great. Asked where he would place the statue, Lee said he made room for it in the bathroom corridor on the second floor of his office. At the same time, a buyer from Shanghai said that I bought it immediately after seeing the idol on the online platform. Trump is known as the representative of a highly egoistic era and I want this statue to remind me that I am not Trump.

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