You will be surprised to see this 77 feet long snake

You will be surprised to see this 77 feet long snake

It is difficult for most people to make a snowman, but in the US state of Colorado, a family has made a big snake of ice, which is no longer diverting the eyes of the people.

Mon Muzli and his five siblings have spent 10 hours building this gaint ice snake.

Earlier in 2019, the ice art of this family became famous. The family made a magnificent tiger out of the snow, which was well featured in the local media.

The snake he made this time is about 77 feet in length and the Muzli made it in front of the garden of his mother's house.

A video is being shared on social media, showing how hard Mon Mujali's group has worked to create this snake.

The group first created the shape of a snake and then filled it with spray paint and shade it.

He told the BBC, "My father used to do these things with us when he was younger. We just keep making such things for entertainment."

Neighbors passing by and watching this large snake.

"They stop to take pictures," Muzli says.

Many people on their Facebook page said they had seen the snow snake that they made and praised the family's best work.

One person commented, "I can't wait for next year what you guys are going to make again."

In 2019, Mon Muzli family had created a tiger with ice, for which it received much praise and its photographs were captured in the local media

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