China Taiwan Tension: Biggest Infiltration in Taiwan with 25 Fighters

China Taiwan Tension: Biggest Infiltration in Taiwan with 25 Fighters
Defying the warning of the US Secretary of State, China has launched the biggest ever attack in Taiwan airspace. On Monday, 25 Chinese Air Force fighter jets simultaneously entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone. The Taiwan Air Force also took action after the entry of 25 fighter jets, including China's H-6K nuclear bomber. The Taiwanese who swung into action targeted their missiles at Chinese missiles. Chinese aircraft immediately flew out of the Taiwan aircraft when tensions escalated.

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said it was the largest attack by Chinese fighter jets. Earlier, on 27 March, 20 Chinese Air Force fighter jets simultaneously infiltrated the Taiwan Air Force. The Chinese Air Force has been infiltrating Taiwan territory for the past few months. The Communist government of China considers Taiwan an integral part of its country. Taiwan has also put its fighters on high alert in view of increasing incursions by Chinese jets.

Taiwan released reports that Chinese aircraft infiltrated 2 Y-8 anti-submarine jets, 1 KJ-500 AWACS, 4 J-10 fighter jets, 14 J-16 fighter jets and four H-6 numbers. These aircraft often enter Taiwan's air range, including nuclear bombers. The Chinese Army's Southern Command is responsible for the security of the region. That he had also done a maneuver near Taiwan a few days earlier.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned China against attacking Taiwan. He said that China's aggressive action is a real concern for us. Blinken emphasized that Taiwan has the full capability to respond to China. The US is also committed to peace and security in the Western Pacific.

Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned China that we are ready to defend ourselves without question, and if we need to fight the war, we will give the last gasp. He also said that if we were till the end to protect our people, we would not back down on that. This statement by Taiwan's foreign minister has irritated China.

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, the Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft has been the highest among Chinese ships intruding. These aircraft specializes in tracking surface and underwater movements at sea. However, the United States has several submarines that no Chinese anti-submarine warfare system can detect. On Sunday morning, a Chinese aircraft infiltrated Taiwan.

China's H-6K aircraft is extremely dangerous. The aircraft is also capable of nuclear attack. It is designed to deliver fast-flying drones to anti-ship missiles. The aircraft is also capable of firing cruise missiles. China has also developed an improved version of this bomber aircraft, the H-6N. The H-6K is based on the Tu-16 bomber aircraft of the Soviet Union. China is now producing aerial hypersonic missiles for its H-6N aircraft.

China's Chengdu J-10CE is the export version of the J-10 fighter jet of the People's Liberation Army Airforce. It is a multipurpose fighter aircraft, which can fly at any time of the year. Being lighter, this fighter jet can be operated easily in high altitude areas as well. This aircraft can fly up to 1,850 km at a time. Its top speed is 1.8.

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