France enforces lockdown across the country for 4 weeks

France enforces lockdown across the country for 4 weeks
In France, the corona virus has started showing its outbreak again. French President Emmanuel Macron launched a 4-week blockade across the country in the light of the Corona threat. On Wednesday, ordering a nationwide shutdown, President Macron said schools should be closed for at least three weeks.

The third wave of Corona virus is underway in France. In such a situation, President Macron said that if we had not yet taken concrete measures, we would lose control of Corona. In France, shops of essential goods will only be allowed to open during a national shutdown. Instead of going to office, people will work from home. During this period, going beyond 10 km is prohibited.

The French President said that during the bandh the corona vaccination work would be accelerated and by the end of the summer, the government would vaccinate the corona vaccine to all people over the age of 18 years. President Macron said that we have done everything possible to delay them. Decisions, but now is the time to make these decisions strictly.

Let us tell you that in France the total number of positive cases of corona infection has exceeded 4.6 million, while so far 95,502 people have died due to corona epidemic. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of infections caused by the new UK variant Corona virus. According to the WHO, 29,575 cases of infection were reported here on 31 March.

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