NASA's helicopter made history by flying on Mars

NASA's helicopter made history by flying on Mars
NASA's 2 kg helicopter made history by making its first flight to Mars. This small helicopter was able to reach a height of 10 feet during the flight. It was the first helicopter flight on any other planet that leaves Earth. The entire team was congratulated by Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuken of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. That said, such an opportunity has never been presented before.

117 years after the Wright brothers made their first flight to Earth, NASA's Simplicity successfully flew from Earth to another planet for a distance of 28.93 million kilometers. The Wright brothers flying on Mars and flying flying are spectacular and awe-inspiring moments. Today, the flight of Engenity on Mars and the flight of Wright Brothers are interlinked today. Thomas has named the Anginity Airfield helicopter Wright Brothers Field.

According to NASA, the blades of a helicopter flying on Earth rotate between 400 and 500 rounds per minute. As the helicopters were sent to Mars, Ingenuity's blades traveled at a speed of 2,500 rounds per minute during the flight. That is, the blade of the device rotates four times faster than a helicopter flying on Earth. During Ingenuity's flight, NASA streamed it live.

Prior to this flight, NASA also answered media related questions. To answer NASA's questions, Thomas Zurbuken, Associate Administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, JPL Director Michelle Watkins, Mars Helicopter Project Manager of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Migi Ong, Engeng Chief Engineer, were present at the scene.

During the live broadcast, NASA stated that flying in the atmosphere of Mars is more difficult than flying on Earth. But those who watched it wrote during a YouTube broadcast that it is not so difficult.

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