North Korea Room 39: This 'secret' room behind Kim Jong Un's wealth, commanded by his sister

North Korea Room 39: This 'secret' room behind Kim Jong Un's wealth, commanded by his sister
There are few countries in the world which are famous for their privacy. North Korea may be at the forefront. There are many such stories about his dictator Kim Jong Un. At the same time, there is a place within the country that only a very few people will know about, and they will be able to go and see it there. 'Room 39' is located inside the Workers' Party Building. What happens inside under strict supervision is a mystery in itself.

In many reports, it has been claimed that Kim Jong Un's Ash-o-Aam lives from this room. In fact, according to him, illicit trade goes on here, so billions of dollars of currency are used every year. Experts monitoring North Korea say that political support or funding for nuclear programs comes from this room-39. Kim Yong's sister Kim Yo Jong is responsible for overseeing the activities on her.

The foreign exchange reserve has been prepared here through foreign investment, illicit trade, tax evasion. On its strength, the party remains in power. According to the Daily Express story, American intelligence officials tried to penetrate her security for several years to find out the truth, but with little success. The report states that there is trade ranging from gold and zinc to agriculture and fish exports. According to The Sun report, there are deals ranging from fake Viagra to narcotics.

The organization was founded in 1974 by Kim Jong In. Its official name is Central Committee Bureau 39, but apart from Room-39, it is also called Office-39, Bureau-39 or Division-39. Reports claimed that North Koreans, even diplomats working abroad, have to send a certain amount here. When the country's economy collapses due to international economic sanctions, room-39 is a huge treasure for the Kim family.

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