People of this country are at the forefront of cheating their partners after marriage.

People of this country are at the forefront of cheating their partners after marriage.
The people of Ireland are at the forefront of the world when it comes to cheating partners. This is revealed in a survey of a Canadian married dating site. According to the study, 20 out of every five people in Ireland cheat on their spouses.

Germany ranks second in terms of fraud. 13 percent of the people here admit that they cheat on their partners every day. Colombia ranks third, France fourth and the United Kingdom fifth in this global study.

In the survey of this extramarital dating app, most people agreed that they would forgive their partner even after knowing the relationship. In the study, most men were willing to forgive their partners when they found out about cheating.

According to the study data, after cheating, most women do not trust their partners blindly as before. 80% of men and 85% of women were forgiven by their partners for a previous affair.

When asked if they would forgive their partners for their affair, 86 percent of the men answered yes to the survey. While 82 percent of the women did not respond. Psychologists hold different opinions about ideological differences between women and men.

Psychiatrists say that when an affair is detected, men pay more attention to their partner's physical attachment, while women are more interested in knowing how emotionally attached their partner is to another woman.

Women cannot easily forgive their partners when they feel emotionally deceived when they feel emotionally deceived. According to the study, despite the lockdown rules issued around the world, these cases of love and cheating continue to appear.

The majority of people surveyed admitted that they establish relationships with two different people in a month. At the same time, many people also stated that they did not have any kind of sexual relationship with their secret partner. This has been done on 3000 Global Study Dating Site members.

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