This boy likes to drink his urine

This boy likes to drink his urine
You must have often heard that drinking red wine daily is beneficial for your health. It improves your skin and also provides many other benefits to the body. But have you ever heard that drinking your own urine has many benefits. This may surprise you a bit and it will make you feel very strange. Yes, there is a person who drinks his urine.

According to the Daily Mail news, Harry Metadine, a man from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, drinks his own urine daily. He claims that it makes him feel good, which is why he drinks his urine daily. Not only this, Harry claims that it also hydrates the body due to its anti-aging properties.

According to media reports, Harry Metadine, 33, 200 milliliters of urine in urine daily; Drink, which may be a few weeks or a month old, urinate. You initially found this exam very bad, but now you have started liking it. Harry thinks that he feels healthier, happier and smarter than ever. He claims that he has cured the depression caused by drinking aged urine.

Harry has also written two books on "The Power of Aging Urine Therapy". He also wants people to know his healing abilities with an open mind. The book, written by Harry, emphasizes that it is the most powerful drug available.

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