This man spent 20 years in prison for stealing just two shirts in America

This man spent 20 years in prison for stealing just two shirts in America
In the United States, a man is released after serving a 20-year sentence for misdemeanors. A man named Guy Frank, arrested in February 2000, was convicted of stealing two shirts. In Louisiana, a campaign called 'The Innocence Project New Orleans' is underway to free those who have been serving long sentences for rape. Under this, the court has released Frank. The debate has started once again about the atrocities on blacks in America.

According to the Daily Mail news, 67-year-old Frank is a regular criminal. Frank was arrested 36 times before stealing a Saks Fifth Avenue shirt. He was accused of theft and possessing cocaine. He was also sentenced to three years in the 1990s. In 2000, when police arrested him, he was accused of stealing property worth less than $ 500. The court found the charge correct and sent him to jail, where he has recently been released after spending 20 years.

According to the report, the theft of less than $ 500 was considered felony in Louisiana at the time and the law provided a maximum sentence of 23 years for the convicted person. Therefore, the court sentenced him to the maximum sentence. However, due to the efforts of 'The Innocence Project', he was released shortly before. Let me tell you that this law made for habitual criminals was called the Three Strikes Law. This law has been widely cited as the cause of harassment and racial discrimination.

The Innocence Project New Orleans said in a statement that Frank's case shows how black people are being targeted under this law. The statement said that despite knowing that Frank was not a threat to society, he received such a severe punishment. Significantly, the atmosphere of discrimination against blacks in America is already hot. Recently, the police shot another black person. This was followed by several protests.

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