Vladimir is a threat to Putin's enemies

Vladimir is a threat to Putin's enemies
Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a stern warning to the West that his country would react immediately and harshly if Russian security interests were harmed. Putin gave this warning in his annual address to the nation. His remarks came amid a huge Russian military rally near Ukraine, where confrontation between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces has increased in recent times.

The US and its allies have urged Russia to withdraw its troops. Valdimir Putin said: "I hope no one dares to cross the danger line with respect to Russia." He said that those who pose a threat to Russia's main security interests will be deeply regretted.

Putin said that he does not want to go ahead and take action, but if someone considers our good intentions as apathy or weakness, we will not back down and we will not take strict steps. Putin took steps to modernize its nuclear weapons and said that the military would continue to purchase state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles and other new weapons. He said that submarine drones equipped with nuclear weapons and cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons are being successfully developed.

Putin condemned the imposition of "illegal and politically motivated economic sanctions" by a foreign government, without naming any country. He said that Russia has shown restraint and often refrains from responding to actions that 'provoke' others. Putin said during his speech: "Russia has its own interests, which we will defend according to international law."

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