Will China's population begin to decline by 2025?

Will China's population begin to decline by 2025?
China, the most populous country in the world, is currently experiencing changes in public figures. Because of this, China's population may start to decline after 2025. This may directly affect the demand for goods consumed there. This is said by a senior Chinese economist.

China's population can live around four years and may be the highest in the world. After this, it will begin to decrease. Chief economist Kai Feng has said that when the country's population starts decreasing, the demand for goods will naturally decrease. The number of old people will increase and the number of children and young people will decrease. Therefore, we should start thinking about changes in public figures from now on. Kai's statement comes just before the census data released by China.

It should be noted that China has begun to feel the danger of population decline. Because of this, the couple was allowed to have two children in 2016 by ending the three-decades-old One Child Policy. But in China, which is developing rapidly, the youth now feel this problem. Now they want to be free from the hassles of marriage and big family.

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