A 1900-year-old lamp resembles a human face found in Israel

A 1900-year-old lamp resembles a human face found in Israel
Israeli scientists have recovered an ancient bronze oil lamp from David National Park Jerusalem. Researchers have described this lamp as 'very special' and possibly the first of its kind in Israel. It is estimated that this bronze lamp is 1900 years old. Researchers said that the shape of this artwork is like a laughing human face.

Archaeologists have said that this is similar to the masks used in Roman theater. This is why it is so special. However, only half of this lamp is left. Jute made of jute is also found from inside this lamp. Scientists speculate that this lamp was hung with a flat object or wall. He said that it seems that this lamp was used during religious ceremonies.

Scientists say that people living in buildings used such lamps for good luck. After receiving this lamp, the Archaeological Ministry of Israel contacted a Hungarian archaeologist. The Hungarian archaeologist said that this part of the oil lamp could be the second part of the lamp discovered by him and his team from Roman relics in Budapest. Preliminary investigations have revealed that there were two lamps of the same type. Israeli archaeologists are now considering making a 3D model of this lamp and sending it to Hungary so that it can be connected to another lamp.

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