Aliens behind British woman, kidnapped more than 50 times

Aliens behind British woman, kidnapped more than 50 times
Hundreds of UFOs have reached Earth in recent years, now confirmed by both scientists and NASA. But even after seeing these UFOs, they are not being contacted or tracked in any way. Last month, the US Ministry of Defense confirmed that hundreds of UFOs had arrived in the United States in the past 2 years. At the same time, a British woman now claims that the aliens have been left behind and abducted more than 50 times. To corroborate her claim, the British woman has offered several shocking evidence. The woman has said that after the abduction, the aliens give her a strange kind of medicine, which causes her to see things but is very confused.

Paula, a resident of Bradfort, UK, has surprised scientists around the world, making a sensational claim to have aliens. Mahisa Paula has claimed that the aliens kidnapped her 50 times and took her away from the UFO somewhere. Paula said that the aliens first kidnapped her when she was a child. Now the woman Paulo is 50 years old. As reported by the Daily Star, the woman, Paula, has displayed multiple wounds on her hands, claiming she was found when she was being abducted by aliens. Along with this, the woman has also created a structure, through which she has tried to explain what the aliens are. Paula's painting is silver but her face is blue. The woman said that the aliens show her changing the color of the sea and the sky.

Paulo, a British woman, said that she has sat on UFOs many times and has experienced 52 such extraordinary incidents. The woman said that the aliens did not warn her of any kind before the abduction, nor did she know what was happening to her. The woman said that 'I just feel, and I go back to normal, otherwise I would have gone mad by now'. The woman Paula said that while she was inside the UFO, the aliens showed her techniques that might not exist on this Earth.

Lady Paulo has said that we still do not have the technology that aliens have. The woman said that 'Aliens showed her a slide show, seeing this I felt like I am watching a movie, showing how this land is being destroyed by human greed'. The woman said she first sat in a UFO in 1982. The woman works for the UK Department of Transport. The woman said that when she returned from the aliens' vehicle, she had triangular marks on her hands and fingerprints of the aliens were also present on her body.

The woman said the plane the aliens came from could be 30 feet long and 30 feet wide, and looked like the propeller blades of an airplane. It is black in color, with blue and green lights burning on its edges. There was no sound emanating from this UFO, and it was moving at a speed of one mph. Paulo says that I do not feel much, but I feel as if we are entering the earth, and then all the darkness is covered. The woman said: 'My family members say that I have been missing for more than four hours, but I have no idea what I had for so long. I try to remember that incident, but I can't remember much. '

The woman said the aliens abducted her from the bedroom of her home and took her through the window. The woman said that I have not told people yet because I know that people will not believe my words and if I try to explain more to people, people will start calling me crazy. But I know that there are thousands of people who feel this way. The woman said: 'I know that what I am saying is true, and in the next few years the world will also know.

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