America said, Russia will get a response to bold antics

America said, Russia will get a response to bold antics
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the BBC that the US would respond to Russia's bold or aggressive antics.

Blinken said that the United States is focused on steps such as opposition leader Alexei Navellini, dealing with solar wind hacks and electoral interference.

"We would prefer a more stable and predictable relationship," he said.

Blinken was in Britain for the meeting of foreign ministers of the G7 countries.

The statement, released after two days of talks, criticized Russia for its "irresponsible and untenable behavior" against Ukraine and in the case of cyber attacks.

Earlier in February, US President Joe Biden said that he had made it clear to President Vladimir Putin that "the days are gone when the US did not oppose Russia's aggressive moves."

Former US President Donald Trump often appeared to refrain from criticizing the Russian leader.

Blinken said on BBC Radio 4's Today program that the Biden administration is not trying to stop China, but has claimed that the US is in favor of maintaining an international system based on rules.

He said that countries need to watch very carefully whether China is investing in its strategic capital.

Regarding Afghanistan, Blinken claimed that even after the withdrawal of the troops, the US would remain involved in the Afghanistan case.

The Biden administration had announced that US troops would leave Afghanistan altogether by September.

Blinken said that the regional powers would have to come forward and use their influence to try to take the country on a positive path.

When Blinken was asked about a possible trade treaty with Britain and the situation in Northern Ireland, he said that the administration's focus is still on peace in Ireland.

The Foreign Minister said that it is important for President Biden that "whatever is done, whatever we do, the benefit of the Good Friday Agreement must be sustained and we must take into account the political and economic welfare of Northern Ireland".

Joe Biden previously said that the 1998 Good Friday Agreement should not harm Brexit, effectively ending Northern Ireland's "problems".

Post-Brexit trade agreements for Northern Ireland caused tension there and because of this, First Minister Arlen Foster also resigned.

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