Biden's strong message to China in the first speech of Parliament

Biden's strong message to China in the first speech of Parliament
US President Joe Biden has given a stern message to China during his maiden speech in the joint session of Parliament. He has announced that the United States will maintain a strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. In addition, technical and professional development will also be promoted. He said that China and other countries are developing rapidly. We have to develop our technology and products for the future. Turbine blades cannot be made in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing.

Let me tell you that Biden has reiterated many times that competing with China is America's biggest foreign policy challenge. He and his fellow Democrats, including Democrats, have advocated a strict policy against Beijing.

President Biden said that the United States would oppose unfair trade practices, such as subsidies to state-owned companies and theft of American technology and intellectual property, which would harm American workers and industry. "I told Chinese President Xi Jinping that the United States would maintain a strong presence in the Indo-Pacific region, as we are doing with NATO in Europe," he said. Our goal is not to promote conflict, but to avoid it.

Biden said that after 20 years of bravery and sacrifice in Afghanistan, the time has come to call troops from there. He assured the citizens of his country that his administration would continue to face the challenges of the country. He said that since 2001, terrorist challenges had increased in areas other than Afghanistan. We will be attentive to them.

Biden stated that domestic terrorism is a feeling of superiority among white citizens and that the United States has to be vigilant about it. He said, we have the challenge of foreign terrorism. But in comparison, a sense of superiority among whites is a greater danger. We cannot ignore it. I want to ask our fellow Americans that we have to unite for the peace of the soul of the nation.

President Biden said that the climate crisis is not just America's fight and the whole world will have to fight together. He said that America emits less than 15 percent carbon. On the other hand, other countries of the world emit 85 percent carbon. So on the first day of assuming my responsibility as President, I decided to join the Paris Climate Agreement.

Biden also emphasized logical reforms on weapons. During his speech in the United States Parliament, he noted several reforms. He said that it supports a large number of American citizens. He said, we are not going to change the constitution. We need to be a bit logical.

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