King married 15 times when fiancee got pregnant

King married 15 times when fiancee got pregnant
Swaziland is probably the only country in the world where the entire monarchy is in power. Recently the king of this place, Maswati III, changed the name of the country to Iswatini Kingdom. The 53-year-old king here has 15 wives, one of whom died. Here any woman gets the status of the king's wife only when she becomes pregnant, if she does not, then she joins the group of partner.

Swaziland is adjacent to South Africa on the African continent. The king has studied abroad. Swaziland is a poor country, but its kings are always in dispute due to their luxury and princely life. It is generally believed that if a woman gets her heart, she tries her best to take her to the princely state.

King Maswati of Swaziland has 35 children. Each of their queens live happily in different luxurious bungalows or palaces. The large expenditure of his luxurious life is provided by the country's budget.

King is accused of expelling a girl from school and marrying her. This was reported to Amnesty International. The incident was that in October 2002, an 18-year-old high school student went missing. Her name was Jena Mahalangu. The mother complained to the police. After investigation, the police said that their daughter is in the Royal Village and they are preparing to make her the next wife of the king.

The mother insisted that she give her daughter back. She sued. But the decision was made in favor of the king, because by then she had become the mother of two children. In 2010, she received the status of queen. A complaint was filed with Amnesty in this case. Amnesty then explicitly stated that the king and his people violated the human rights of women and girls.

Around the month of September in this country, the King holds a parade of all the virgin girls in the country. Girls remain topless in this. In this, the girl who the king wants takes her to his house. However, much criticism has also started in the country.

Last year, many young women of the country opposed it. Many girls refused to participate in the parade, but after the information reached the king, the families of those girls had to pay heavy coffee fines. However, the king makes his two wives national councilors every year and includes them in the parliament.

The people of this country have been continuously accusing the king that he himself lives gracefully, while a large population in his country is very poor. The daily income of 63 per cent of the population here is just Rs 100. Even after criticism, the king does not have much effect. By the way, let us also tell you that this king's father also had 125 queens.

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