North Korea shakes Biden and warns America

North Korea shakes Biden and warns America
North Korea has warned the US that it will face a very serious situation because President Joe Biden has made a big mistake.

He made this statement at a time when the US President is about to announce his strategy on North Korea and its nuclear program.

A statement issued by the North Korean Foreign Ministry said that Biden, in his recent speech, posed a major security threat to North Korea that Biden would also adopt "hostile policies" in the near future. .

Earlier this week, President Biden described North Korea's nuclear program as a "serious threat" to global security.

The White House says it will take "a lot of weed" to North Korea.

White House spokesman Jane Saki said on Friday: "The US policy review meeting is over and President Biden has learned from previous administrations when the US tried to stop a nuclear plan from North Korea but failed." ''

Our policies will now focus on negotiation agreements and not on strategic patience. The United States will now take a pragmatic approach to the possibilities of diplomatic relations with North Korea while increasing the security of itself and its allies. ''

Soon, national security advisors from the US, Japan and South Korea may also be called for review.

On Sunday, a statement was published in the official media by the North Korean Foreign Ministry, describing Biden's statement as "unbearable" and "a big mistake".

Kim Jong-un of the US State Department said: "Biden's statement makes it clear that he is going to take a completely hostile attitude towards North Korea, as the US has been doing for the last 50 years."

In a separate statement, the Foreign Ministry said that in its statement, the US has insulted Kim Jong-un by criticizing human rights in North Korea.

At the 100-day mark of his term, Biden said in a joint session of Congress that "North Korea and Iran's nuclear plans pose a serious threat to the security of the United States and the world."

He also said that "we will use diplomacy and strong condemnation to face this threat together with our allied countries".

Although it is unclear which human rights declaration North Korea has reacted to, according to a report in the US newspaper The Washington Post, the United States is considering appointing North Korea as a human rights ambassador.

The US says it has been trying to establish diplomatic relations with North Korea since mid-February.

So far, North Korea has not named Joe Biden as the new President of the United States.

Joe Biden called Kim Jong Un a 'bully' during his election campaign. After which, when Biden won, Kim Jong in a speech described the United States as "the worst enemy".

Addressing a major meeting of the ruling Workers' Party in the capital Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un said it was definitely a challenge for newly elected US President Joe Biden, who would replace Donald Trump a few days later. . It has also stressed the need for more advanced nuclear weapons.

Former US President Donald Trump was the first president to meet Kim Jong-un three times, but failed to reach any agreement regarding nuclear planning and sanctions.

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