Poor country of africa where people eat grass and weeds

Poor country of africa where people eat grass and weeds
When the whole world is hit by the corona virus in the African country of Madagascar, there is a double shock of drought. Thousands of people are forced to starve by eating wild leaves and weeds. Crops have been destroyed due to frequent droughts and dust storms as people are on the verge of starvation. Amer Dawoodi, senior director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), warned that the lives of children in Malagasy are in danger. Malnutrition has reached alarming levels, especially in children under five years of age.

Speaking from Madagascar's capital Antananarivo, Daudi told the United Nations that he had gone to the villages where people are forced to eat grass and weeds, raw cactus fruit and wild leaves to survive. There is a drought in southern Madagascar and there are no food sources. He said that he had witnessed horrific scenes where children are malnourished and not just children, their mothers, families and entire villages. He warned that the fear of famine is present here and he had never seen such a situation before in the world.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. There are many problems ranging from health employment to poverty to climate change, due to which millions of people here have been victims of disasters. The WFP has said that the returns are expected to be 40 percent below the five-year average. Malnutrition in children under five has reached 16 percent. There have been drought-like conditions here for five consecutive years that this time the situation has worsened. At least 13.5 lakh people in the region need food assistance, but the WFP has only reached 7.5 lakh. To get help in this emergency, They need financial assistance of at least $ 75 million by September.

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