This boy reached Other countries with the help of plastic bottles

This boy reached Other countries with the help of plastic bottles
Many people became emotional by watching this video! Actually, it was shot on Wednesday. In this, a boy is trying to reach the sea surface with the help of empty plastic bottles tied to his waist and clothes. He is struggling to reach the shore, screaming, crying ... his helplessness is clearly visible on his face. It was reported that the migrant boy swam from the Spain-Morocco border to Ceuta, the northern African region of Spain.

It can be seen that when the youth gets out of the water and tries to enter the front wall of the city, the Spanish soldiers present there take him into custody. According to a Reuters report, the boy is heard saying that he would prefer to die rather than go back to Morocco. Let me tell you, this child is one of the 8,000 migrants who have left Morocco and moved to Ceuta.

Spanish soldier Rashid Mohammed Al Mesui, who took the young man, said that he was saying, 'He does not want to go back, he has no one in Morocco, he does not care if he dies of cold, he wants to die ... Instead of returning to Morocco. "The young man continued, 'I never heard a young man say that.'

According to reports, when Morocco relaxed control of its borders on 17 May, those willing to cross the border took advantage of the opportunity. But as soon as they reached Ceuta, Spanish soldiers took them into custody. Actually, Spain… does not give refugee status to the people of Morocco. Only minors without parents can live in the country under the supervision of the government. Let me tell you, relations between the two countries have deteriorated since a Moroccan rebel was allowed to be treated in a hospital in Spain.

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