This California tree is still burning today, a fire that was started a year and a half ago

This California tree is still burning today, a fire that was started a year and a half ago
After a forest fire, the fire keeps on burning for several months, but have you ever heard that a tree keeps on burning for years after a fire? If not, then we tell you about a tree which scientists are also surprised to see. The tree has been found in a California forest where a fire broke out in the year 2020 in the month of August. Surprisingly, due to this fire which started about one and a half years ago, a tree of Sikua is still burning.

In this fire of August 2020, trees and plants in about one and a half lakh acres of land were burnt. The fire had also climbed 10 trees of Sikua, which were engaged in the area. Although the fire was so severe that it is difficult to say how many old trees of Sikua were burnt. However, one thing is clear that one of these Sikua trees was also similar, which is still burning and smoke can be seen coming out of it. This amazing tree was discovered by the National Park Service staff this month when they arrived to take stock of the devastation caused by the fire in the area last year. During this time, when they saw the smoke coming out, he was not at first sure that the tree was smoldering, but after looking through the long camera lens, it was found that it is an old tree of Sikua, from which smoke is coming out.

This tree was planted years ago, which did not burn completely in last year's fire, but is still burning. The tree still has not fallen, and the coals inside it are slowly burning. Scientists say that water and rain did not allow the tree to burn above, while snowfall in winter prevented the tree from burning. Still, like a wood-burning stove, this tree kept smoldering inside. That got a chance to light a fire because of the oxygen that got from the tree.

Interestingly, new trees of Sikua are dependent on fire to grow. According to experts, when the flames reach the branches and corners of the tree, the frozen moist shell melts here and after its opening hundreds of sikua seeds are scattered on the ground, which creates new trees. Amidst all this, this tree of Sikua remains a matter of concern at this time, which has been burning for a year and a half. Smoldering of such trees shows how much heat and drought in this particular area of ​​California. If the spark was accidentally spread again, there could be a fire once again here.

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