This woman carried a gun inside the prison in her private part

This woman carried a gun inside the prison in her private part
In America, a woman did such a thing that everyone is surprised to hear how it happened. A Missouri woman hides a revolver inside her genitals. Not only this, she also went to jail with this revolver.

According to the New York Post, the woman's name is Amy Wilhite. She is 39 years old. She has recently been sentenced to 10 years. She was convicted in the case that she went to the Boone County Jail with a 4-inch revolver in her genitals. This event is of Valentine's Day.

When this revolver was recovered from the dungeon, it also had five rounds. When she entered prison, the police and prison guards could not locate the pistol. The authority received these weapons 17 days after being sent to jail. Earlier, she was sent to jail on a narcotics charge.

Wilhite admitted that during interrogation, she had hidden the weapon for prison. However, the rest of the people living with him in jail do not agree with this. Explain that the entire search is done before taking anything to jail. After removing the clothes, it is checked that the person is not wearing anything. Despite this the incident happened, it is a matter of thinking.

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