Why does the United States give money to Israel and what does it do for it?

Why does the United States give money to Israel and what does it do for it?
From United States President Joe Biden, some leaders of his own Democratic Party are questioning the financial assistance provided by the United States to Israel.

Senator Bernie Sanders has said that the United States should see "extremely" where the money is spent.

In 2020, the US gave Israel $ 3.8 billion in financial aid. This is part of the long-standing annual aid promised by the Obama administration.

The Obama administration signed a $ 38 billion package deal in 2016, which is for the period 2017 to 2028.

This amount is about 6 percent more than the previous decade.

In addition, last year, the United States raised five million dollars to help refugees settle. It establishes Jews who come from other countries under Israel's long-standing policy.

The United States has helped transform Israel into one of the world's most advanced military in recent years. Israel buys military goods from the US with the help of US funds.

For example, Israel has purchased 50 F-35 aircraft that are used for missile attacks. Of these, 27 have been delivered. The price of each aircraft is $ 100 million.

Last year, Israel bought eight KC-46A Boeing 'Pegasus' jets valued at around $ 2.4 billion. They can refuel in air in aircraft such as the F-35.

Israel has a missile defense system called the Iron Dome. Which can destroy missiles fired in the sky.

Of the $ 3.8 billion given to Israel, $ 500 million is for this military defense. It also includes investment made in the construction of the Iron Dome.

Since 2011, the United States has invested $ 1.6 billion in Israel's Iron Dome. In addition, Israel has spent millions of dollars to work on military technology with the United States.

These include tunnel detection technology. The Israeli government spends a lot of money on military equipment and training. Since the region is much smaller than other countries, it uses the assistance provided to improve its defense system.

Since World War II, the United States has provided Israel with the greatest financial support. According to US aid, Israel received the most aid after Afghanistan in 2019.

A large part of the financial assistance to Afghanistan was spent on US military operations aimed at bringing stability to the country. But the US Army will return in September this year, so only $ 370 million has been demanded for 2021.

Israel receives a great deal of financial support in competition from other Middle Eastern countries. The United States also provides large financial support to Egypt and Jordan. A peace treaty was signed by Israel after the war with both countries. Both countries receive $ 1.5 billion in aid.

In addition, funds received by a United Nations agency that helps Palestinian refugees were withheld by former President Donald Trump. But President Biden has again started paying $ 235 million.

Several reasons explain this. In 1948, the United States assisted to create a separate Jewish country. Furthermore, the United States sees Israel as an important ally in the Middle East, "committed to a common goal and democratic values."

According to the US Congressional Research Service, "US foreign aid has contributed significantly to improving this relationship. US officials and leaders have long viewed Israel as an important ally in the region."

According to the US Foreign Assistance Agency, "With the help of the US, Israel maintains a military edge in that area to deal with the surrounding threats".

US aid ... ensures that Israel is safe to negotiate a historic peace agreement with the Palestinians and to take action related to peace in the region. "

During the presidencies of the Democratic and Republican parties, efforts to protect Israeli territory have been part of US foreign policy. In 2020, the Democratic Party spoke of electoral platforms supporting Israel "like iron". But now the leftists of the party are questioning this help of America.

Senator Sanders and some party members are trying to block a pre-determined sale of military equipment worth $ 735 million.

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