Wonderful: When a plumber asked for Rs 4 lakh to fix a broken kitchen pipe

Wonderful: When a plumber asked for Rs 4 lakh to fix a broken kitchen pipe
A UK plumber is in discussion these days because of the service he wants. Actually, this man came to a student's house to fix a broken pipe. While repairing the pipe, this person made a bill of four lakh rupees. Students named Ashley Douglas were surprised to see the plumber's bill. Let's know the whole thing ...

Ashley Douglas, 23, lives in Hunts. In a conversation with 'The Sun', Ashley said that there was a lot of water in my kitchen. Because the pipe that was in the kitchen sink was broken. In such a situation, I called the plumber Mehdi, the PM Home Plumbing Service lobbyist, to fix it.

Ashley Douglas said that he had talked to the plumber for money before taking the service, but he completely ignored my question and kept working. But after completing the work, the plumber made a bill of around 3900 pounds.

Not only this, the plumber was pressuring Ashley to give him money immediately. Speaking to The Sun, plumber Mehdi Parvi said that I can also charge a service of 1 crore for an hour of my service and I don't think that should make any problem to anyone. Mehdi says that I charge money based on my specialty and knowledge.

However, ND Plumbing Service plumber Neil Douglas said on the matter that the work could have been done very comfortably for 250 pounds and it is clear that the person is trying to rob the student. Let us tell you that Ashley Douglas is now considering filing a police report on this matter.

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