Dead bodies of 215 children found in closed school

Dead bodies of 215 children found in closed school
The remains of 215 Aboriginal children have been found in a Canadian school. Some of these children were as young as three years old. These remains have been found in the residential school. In this matter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a tweet on Friday and described the incident as heartbreaking. Trudeau wrote in a tweet, 'My heart is broken by the news of the remains being found at the former Compuls Residential School. It is painful to remember that dark and shameful chapter in the history of our country.

Trudeau said, 'I think of all those who have been affected by this disturbing news. We are here for you.' Located in British Columbia, this school was closed in the year 1978 itself. The Tk'eml├║ps te Secwepemc tribe has reported that these remains were found with the help of a ground penetrating radar specialist at the Compuls Indian Residential School. "We know we can identify people in our community," the group said in a statement. Right now we have more questions than answers.

The results of the investigation, which lasted for almost six years, were revealed in the year 2015. In which it was revealed that under the school system of that time in Canada, Aboriginal children were forcibly kept away from their families. During this 'cultural genocide' took place. Apart from this, very shocking things came out in the report of the investigation. From the 1840s to the 1990s, children were subjected to rape, murder, starvation, and many other forms of persecution in such schools run by some churches on behalf of the Canadian government.

150,000 children became the victims of these inhuman acts. According to the report, 4,100 children had died while studying in school. Now the remains of these children have been found under the ground, which shows that they were buried after killing, as well as their number is not included in the dead children. That is, no one knew about him till now. In 2008, the Canadian government officially apologized to the school system.

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