Know why China is upset with the G-7 summit?

Know why China is upset with the G-7 summit?
China is very upset with its member countries about the G-7 meeting held in Britain these days and its agenda. China has said that those days are over, when some countries used to take decisions together for the whole world. It has also been said from China that some countries cannot rule the world together. These things have been said in a statement issued from the Embassy of China in Britain. The embassy spokesperson said that China believes that no country, whether it is small or big, rich or poor, strong or weak, is equal. The world should take every decision together with everyone.

Let us tell you that China is also irritated by the G-7 conference because it has agreed to re-examine the current epidemic. Member countries believe that the origin of the virus should be re-examined and China's full cooperation should be given in this. The G-7 meeting called on China to stop its activities in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and respect international human rights laws. Also, give complete freedom to the people living in these places to live freely, because it is their right.

Let us also tell you here that many such issues were also raised in this conference which were directly and indirectly related to China somewhere. On all these issues, member countries have also called for solidarity against China. However, these countries did not take the name of China anywhere during this period. In this conference, it has also been agreed to ensure free movement of all in the Indo-Pacific region according to the rules.

On the other hand, it has been said from China that it has always been in favor of world peace and stability. Despite this, if anyone tries to change the situation and reality of the East and South China Sea or becomes a threat to the peace and stability of the region, then he is also not going to remain silent. Significantly, China has shown aggression several times on the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. American warships have passed through this area several times.

In a statement issued by the US, it has been said that President Biden has strongly condemned the stand of China in which it has not given complete freedom to the investigation of Covid-19. Let us tell you that China has categorically refused to allow any kind of test in its lab, while America wants investigators to be allowed to take samples from China's lab. Only then can this investigation be declared fair.

Biden has even said that he and his experts are not ready to believe that this deadly virus has come from any animal or bird to humans. They say that this virus is a product of a Chinese lab. In this G-7 summit, the plan of Build Back Better World (B3W) has been put forward in response to China's Belt Road Initiative. He says that his plan is not only for the betterment of the countries of the world, but it also reflects our democratic values.

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