Mother's alcohol hunger became the reason for the death of the innocent

Mother's alcohol hunger became the reason for the death of the innocent
It is said that a mother faces every challenge for her children. A mother is ready to make any sacrifice for her children. But a 25 year old woman from Russia did this to her children, knowing that you will be stunned.

This woman had imprisoned her 11-month-old son and three-year-old daughter in the house and the son, who was starving for four days, died in the cradle, while the daughter reached the hospital.

Olga Bazarova, a 25-year-old woman from Zlatoust, Russia, lives separately from her husband. He imprisoned his innocent children in the house for 4 days to have a liquor party with friends. During this, Olga did not take any information about the children, what would happen to them.

When she returned home after partying, her 11-month-old son had died of hunger and thirst, while the three-year-old daughter was also very weak and was fighting for life and death. Then Olga was approached by the children's grandmother. The grandmother of the children reached home and informed the police. The police have arrested Olga, while the daughter is admitted to the hospital.

Olga Bazarova has been found guilty of the murder of a minor. In court, he said, "that he regretted leaving his children, but he had no intention of killing the children." The court sentenced Bazarova to 14 years in prison, depriving her of parental rights.

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