Putin showed Biden the power of the Russian military

Putin showed Biden the power of the Russian military
Russia has started vigorous naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean just ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with US President Joe Biden. It is being told that this is Russia's biggest maneuver after the 'Cold War' during the Soviet Union. Russian naval ships have been seen hunting enemy submarines during an exercise in the Pacific Ocean. 20 warships, submarines, fighter jets and several other ships are deployed to assist in this exercise.

Russian President Putin is due to meet Biden in Switzerland on June 16. The summit is taking place at a time when tensions are brewing between the two countries over Russia's sending troops to the Ukraine border, interference in US elections, espionage and many other issues. Despite this tension, Putin did not hesitate to show his military prowess just before the meeting with Biden.

According to the Russian news agency Tass, in addition to 20 warships, long-range Tu-142M3 submarine destroyers, MiG-31BM fighter jets and many other fighter aircraft are taking part in this exercise. In a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry, a fleet of Russian ships can be seen practicing to destroy an enemy submarine.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that during the exercise, AK-630 naval guns showed their strength by firing. The anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev led the operation to find the submarines hidden under the sea. This warship is equipped with guided missiles. Several warships were also present with him. The top Russian Navy official, Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, said there had been no major exercise since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Russia is conducting this exercise in the Pacific Ocean, on the other side of which is the US.

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