Trump speech for 2024 election

Trump speech for 2024 election
Former US President Donald Trump has indicated that he will win re-election in 2024. Speaking in the state of North Carolina, he said that the Republican Party will win the state election again in 2024. Speaking at the 2021 North Carolina Republican Party convention, Trump said that we will win North Carolina. In the year I live in, 2024, we will lay the groundwork for the Republican Party to win North Carolina again. The senatorial elections for North Carolina are scheduled for 2022.

Earlier on Sunday, Facebook suspended Trump's account for two years. The two-year deadline will be counted from January 7, 2021. Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg gave this information in a blog post on Friday. According to Facebook, Trump will no longer be able to access his Facebook account until January 7, 2023. That is, he will have to stay away from Facebook even during the mid-term elections to be held in November 2022.

Trump called the action on Facebook an insult to the 75 million people who voted for Trump in the 2020 election. Trump has said that these people cannot be censored and silenced. We will win again. Our country can no longer tolerate this humiliation.

Violence broke out outside the US Parliament on Capitol Hill on January 6, following the results of the US presidential election. Meanwhile, Trump was accused of provoking his supporters. For this reason, on the next day i.e. on January 7, other social media platforms including Facebook took action against Trump. Trump's account has also been suspended by Facebook company Instagram and Google's YouTube platform. On the other hand, Twitter has banned Trump forever.

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