China aggressive in bilateral talks with America, Chinese ask for visa to students

China aggressive in bilateral talks with America, Chinese ask for visa to students
#China has accused the #US of deadlock in bilateral relations in the diplomatic level talks starting in #Tianjin on Monday. Taking an aggressive stand, China submitted its list of demands to #America for the first time. It asked the US to lift visa restrictions against Chinese students and members of its ruling Communist Party. It has also urged to stop the harassment of Chinese companies and Confucian institutions.

China also accused the Chinese consulate and ambassador to the US of harassment. Also said that racial attacks are done on Chinese and Asian people. China's Vice Foreign Minister Shi Feng has called for a change in America's policies, calling it dangerous and the mindset wrong.

According to Xinhua news agency, Vice Foreign Minister Xi told his US counterpart Wendy Sherman that Sino-US relations still remained deadlocked as some Americans began to judge China as an enemy. Sherman, considered the number two diplomat in the Joe Biden administration, is the first high-ranking official to visit China.

Let us tell you that US Deputy Secretary of State Sharman and US State Department officials have arrived here only on Monday. Sherman will meet at the Tianjin resort with Shi Feng and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in charge of US-China relations. Sherman is the first top US official to visit China this year since Biden took over as the new US president.

Relations between China and the US deteriorated during the tenure of former President Trump and there has been a tense situation between the two regarding many matters including technology, cyber security, human rights. In an interview on Saturday, Wang questioned America's behavior and said it was using its power to suppress other countries. He told China's Phoenix television that China would not accept crushing any other country.

Wang said that if the US cannot learn to treat other countries equally, China and the international community will have to help the US learn it. Officials of the Biden administration said that the purpose of these talks was not to discuss any specific matter but to keep channels of high-level communication open. #Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are also expected to hold a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Rome by the end of October.

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