China came to the rescue of Cuba, told America responsible for the situation

China came to the rescue of Cuba, told America responsible for the situation
China has backed the Cuban government over the protests and strongly criticized any outside interference.

At the same time, China also advocated the removal of US sanctions on Cuba and also called them the cause of problems in drugs and food in Cuba.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Chao Lijian said- "We saw that after the protests in Cuba on July 11, President Miguel Diaz Canel arrived on the scene to listen to the protesters and he also addressed the people on TV on July 12." '

Chao Lijian said that as the Cuban president said, US sanctions are responsible for the country's lack of drugs and energy. The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution with an overwhelming majority for the 29th year in a row, calling for an end to the economic, commercial and financial sanctions imposed by the US on Cuba.

He said that China strongly opposes external interference in Cuba's internal affairs. It also strongly supports Cuba's efforts to fight COVID-19, improve people's livelihoods and bring social stability. It also strongly supports Cuba in finding a development path suited to its national conditions.

Chao Lijian also said, "I want to emphasize that China is ready to work with Cuba to implement the important consensus of the two heads of state and deepen the friendly relations between the two countries." strongly committed.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel blamed outside elements for the protests in Cuba during a televised address.

He said that the anti-government action on July 11 did not happen suddenly. Some anti-Cuban elements are spoiling the peaceful life of the Cuban people on the pretext of improving their livelihood.

President Miguel Diaz Canel also called on the US to lift sanctions on Cuba.

There have been massive protests against the current government in Cuba. They started on 11 July.

Unauthorized public gatherings are illegal in Cuba and protests are rarely seen. But now, for the first time in decades, Cuba has seen such massive protests.

Media and opposition sources say thousands took part in the biggest protests in decades against Cuba's communist government. A large number of people have been arrested in the demonstrations.

Images viral on social media showed security forces detaining some protesters, thrashing them and pouring chilli powder.

The Cuban president has called on the protesters to "hire people".

In his address that lasted for four hours, he described the protesters as "anti-revolution". At the same time, the Cuban Foreign Minister alleged that the US is instigating these demonstrations and giving financial help.

The protesters said that they are angry with the poor state of the economy, shortage of food items, medicines, inflation and the way the government has dealt with Kovid-19.

This protest spread to many places in Cuba. On Sunday, protesters took to the streets and raised slogans like freedom and end dictatorship.

The government responded swiftly to the protests. About 100 people were arrested on Sunday, according to data collected by legal aid center Cubalex.

Among those arrested was journalist Camila Acosta, who was photographing demonstrations for the Spanish newspaper ABC.

Spain's foreign minister has demanded his immediate release.

A young man who gave his name to BBC News Mundo as Carlos Alberto said he was hiding at his girlfriend's house after taking part in demonstrations.

He told in a phone conversation, "One of my colleague has been arrested. I am afraid the same could happen to me. We were not doing anything wrong, we were just asking for freedom. With this attitude he Showing what it is." : a tyrant."

The Cuban economy is going through a difficult period. Tourism is an important earning sector here, but due to the ban on travel due to Corona, the condition of this sector is bad.

Cuba also accounts for a substantial portion of the revenue from the export of sugar. But this time he too has died.

Due to this, the foreign exchange reserves with the government are getting exhausted and it is not able to buy goods from outside.

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