Fracture occurred in the private part of the person, the world's first such case came to the fore

In Britain, a case related to the private part of a person has come to the fore, about which the doctors are also surprised. Actually, the private part of this person broke three centimeters during sex. In all the cases that have been reported so far, this fracture used to be horizontal, but this is the first case when there has been a vertical fracture in the private part.

It is worth noting that there is no bone in the private part of men, but there is a possibility of cracking in them. This man's case has been published in the British Medical Journal. Doctors said that in all the cases that have come up before this, fractures of the private part have always been horizontal.

But this time the problem has been seen in the tunica albuginea. It is such a protective layer around the erectile tissue that works to deliver blood to this part. However, doctors have not spoken about the position in which this man was during sex.

In such a situation, urologists say that 88 percent of private part fractures occur during sex. There are other reasons for tearing of the private part, in which excessive masturbation and a particular position while sleeping have also been considered responsible.

According to a report, this problem can also come from practice technology in Middle East countries. Doctors say that usually there is a cracking sound in the case of a horizontal fracture, but this was not the case in this patient and no sound was heard during the fracture.

Doctors say that most cases of fractures in the private part come in men who are in their fourth decade. However, after this injury, there was swelling in the private part of this 40-year-old man. After 6 months of treatment for this injury, this person has also become sexually normal.

According to a report in The Telegraph, 1600 cases of private part fractures have been registered in men since 1924. The researchers noted that cracking is also heard in 50 percent of cases, and that four out of five men lose their erection after this fracture.

According to doctors, people in such cases of fracture can often be mentally disturbed, which can also affect their sex life and many people may also have to deal with erectile dysfunction and painful sex.

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