South African women will get the right to have more than one husband

South African women will get the right to have more than one husband
The government of South Africa has announced measures to break social stereotypes. Now along with the practice of polygamy, polyandry is also going to start in this country. The government has proposed that women can have more than one husband.

South Africa already has a multiple marriage system for men and now the government wants to do something similar for women. However, conservative organizations in South Africa are outraged by the decision. They say that this law will end the culture of South Africa.

This proposal has been given by the Home Department of South Africa and there has been a demand to include it in the Green Paper. The Constitution of South Africa is one of the most progressive constitutions in the world. Gay marriage has also been recognized here and transgenders also get full rights.

The Independent reported that African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Mesoho said it would destroy society. The statement of Professor Collis Mekoko in this regard was also very interesting. He said that African society is not ready for true equality. We don't know how to deal with women we can't control.

Significantly, in the neighboring country of Zimbabwe, South Africa already has a practice of women having more than one husband. Professor Collins has also done research on this. He told in a conversation with the BBC that women usually initiate such marriages.

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