Taliban kills US military allies

Taliban kills US military allies
The Taliban have launched a series of killings of Afghan civilians collaborating with the US military. Sohail Pardis, who works as an interpreter in the army, lives in Kabul. He was going to Khost province on Eid. On the way, the terrorists stopped his vehicle. First shot him and later beheaded him.

According to CNN, Pardi's friend told that Taliban militants had threatened him for some time. They were saying that you are an American spy, you will not be released. It is to be known that America is also apprehensive about this, that is why it has expedited the visa process. There are plans to take two and a half thousand Afghan allies and their families out of Afghanistan in a few days. He will be held at a military base in Virginia until the visa process is complete.

In a statement released in June, the Taliban said it would not harm those working with foreign forces. A Taliban spokesman told CNN they were still receiving information about the incident. He said that some incidents are not as they are shown. But those who spoke to CNN said their lives were now in danger as the Taliban launched a retaliatory strike following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

The Taliban has killed famous comedian Nazar Mohamed in Kandahar province. He was known as Khasha Jawan. Afghan forces kill 20 Taliban militants in air strikes. According to IANS, the Afghan army has driven out the Taliban militants who came to capture the city of Kunduz.

According to ANI, the US Senate has approved the grant of visas to 8,000 Afghan allies. These visas will be given to those Afghan nationals who have been allies of the US military for twenty years. These may have been drivers, engineers or similar aides.

According to ANI, the Afghan government has said that civilians are running in panic due to the increasing violence. In the last four months, more than 36 thousand families have migrated.

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