Taliban's havoc, Biden in a hurry to flee Afghanistan, deadline fixed

Taliban's havoc, Biden in a hurry to flee Afghanistan, deadline fixed
The Taliban have been wreaking havoc and have captured more than 100 districts since the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan. Alam is that 1500 government soldiers of Afghanistan have fled to neighboring countries. Meanwhile, instead of helping the Afghan army, American troops will now evacuate Afghanistan more quickly. US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that the US military would end its military operations in Afghanistan by August 31.

Earlier the deadline to leave Afghanistan was September 11. Now Biden is withdrawing US troops before the deadline. He said that now no American soldier will die. During this, the President of the world's most powerful country also admitted that America did not get such success in this 20-year-long war, which could be celebrated.

Biden also acknowledged that the Taliban are not credible and that it is not necessary that the Afghan government will be able to control the entire country after the US leaves. He appealed to the Taliban and the Afghan government to sign a peace deal. He said, 'We did not go there to create Afghanistan. Afghan leaders have to come together and build the future. Biden said this is a war that cannot be won and there is no military solution.

The US President said on the demand to continue the US military operation, 'How many more, how many thousand American children's lives do you want to risk? I will not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan. That too when there is no logical consequence coming out of it. Meanwhile, about 90 percent of American troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Afghan government hoped that some American troops would now remain there, but now this does not seem to be happening.

After ruling its Fort Bagram airbase in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, American troops left it deserted in the dark of night and withdrew. The situation was that he did not inform the Afghan security forces, due to which the local people looted him. Now America itself is facing doubt, embarrassment and self-indulgence. Not only this, he is now afraid that Afghanistan is once again heading towards civil war. US lawmakers security analysts have come under stress after seeing pictures of Afghan security forces kneeling before the Taliban without fighting and the chaos at Bagram airport. They now see the return of civil war and terrorism in Afghanistan.

All this happened because the Biden administration showed great speed in the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Afghan people, who have been at war for decades, have prepared themselves for the return of civil war. Republican lawmaker Michael McCall has revealed that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's team has warned him that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will be remembered as the "Year of Jihad". He said President Biden must take responsibility for the killings, the oppression of women and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

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