The government is distributing free condoms to the children of class 5th

The government is distributing free condoms to the children of class 5th
At the age at which children do not even understand the body properly, condoms will be handed over to children in Chicago, USA. According to Chicago's new policy, condoms will also be given to fifth grade students in elementary schools here. Parents are in shock at this start of giving condoms since 10 years.

Although this policy was to be implemented in Chicago from December 2020, but due to the Corona epidemic, it has been postponed till the school opens. Now after the school opens, 250 condoms will be supplied in primary schools while 1000 condoms will be supplied in high schools. Kids can take it whenever they want. This condom will be given absolutely free of cost to the children. Hearing the policy, smoke is coming out of the ears of the parents, then people are raging on social media.

This policy is created by the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education. Under this policy, schools will have to make arrangements for condoms for children of 10 years and above. Simply put, a child studying in 5th standard will have a condom easily in his hand. This will be arranged by the Chicago Department of Health. It will be necessary to ensure the provision of condoms. About 600 government schools are covered by the Chicago public school system, and this new policy will apply to all of them. It has been a matter of concern in the past among schools and parents that condoms should be kept in a private place where students can take them when needed, but it is really awkward to reach it to children in 5th grade.

The rationale behind the availability of condoms is that it will help protect children from sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies. Scout Bratt, who works at the Chicago Women's Health Center, defended the new policy, saying that having a condom doesn't mean every student is going to use it or be asked to use it. This is so that there is no harm to the children and they do not get sexually transmitted diseases. This is for safety and hygiene.

Schools are currently closed in Chicago due to Corona. These are to be opened next month. This policy will be implemented as soon as the school opens. In such a situation, the anger of the people on social media has flared up. Parents and many people are calling it shameful and sick mentality of Chicago government. However, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is adamant on this point and says it will reduce the risk of 'HIV infection' and unwanted pregnancies among students.

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