US, UK and EU surround China, alleging major cyber attack

US, UK and EU surround China, alleging major cyber attack
The US, Britain and the European Union on Monday accused China of carrying out a major cyber attack.

The attack was carried out on Microsoft Exchange Server, affecting at least 30,000 servers worldwide.

Britain has blamed Chinese government-backed parties for the attack. At the same time, the European Union has said that this attack has been done from Chinese territory.

China's Ministry of State Security has also been accused of carrying out widespread espionage activities and misconduct.

China has strongly denied the allegations of hacking in the past and says that it is against all types of cyber crimes.

The US and UK have in the past also come out openly against cyber attacks by other countries. But in this case, the European Union has also named China, which shows how seriously this incident of hacking has been taken.

According to intelligence officials of Western countries, China's behavior was very serious and such behavior has never been seen before.

The National Cyber ​​Security Center in the UK has provided suggestions to more than 70 affected organizations based on their specific situation to counter the attack.

This time the hackers took advantage of a vulnerability that allows the web shell to be used as a back-door into the system and provides a route for further exploitation.

This vulnerability is used by other hacking groups to exploit the system for criminals, ransomware attacks and espionage.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: "The attack on Microsoft Exchange servers by Chinese-backed groups is a 'courageous, but well-known behaviour'. Be prepared to be responsible for it."

Britain's Foreign Ministry has said there is a strong suspicion that the attack was carried out to activate a large-scale espionage campaign, to obtain personal information and to acquire intellectual property.

The British Foreign Ministry also stated that "the Chinese government has ignored repeated calls to end its audacious campaign and to allow state-backed parties to launch attacks of this level and behave in an audacious manner if caught." has given.

The European Union has said in its statement that this irresponsible attitude and harmful behavior has caused economic damage to the government and private institutions of the European Union.

The European Union also said in the same statement that it had observed other forms of Chinese behavior and was highlighting them. The behavior is linked to two groups APT 40 and APT 31, which are believed to be linked to China's Ministry of State Security.

At the same time, the US government has said that it is deeply concerned that China has created an intelligence enterprise involving contract hackers who carry out such operations around the world for their own benefit.

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