Headband, black spot...is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sick?

Headband, black spot...is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sick?
With the new picture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un becoming public, speculation is once again being raised about his health. Kim Jong does not appear in front of the media for many days, nor are his pictures released. Now some pictures show a black spot on the back of his head, while another picture shows a bandage on the same side.

People are taking different meanings about these pictures on social media. However, it is not yet clear what caused the bandage. Kim most recently appeared at a military event during July 24-27 and at a veterans' convention on July 27-29.

Recently there were reports that Kim's weight has reduced rapidly. Talking to North Korea's state media, many people expressed concern over Kim's deteriorating health. But all these things are only due to social media. The truth is that no information has been given by the North Korean government about Kim's health deteriorating yet. He has appeared at several conferences in recent times, which makes it clear that he is doing well at the moment.

In the year 2020, there were many such media reports in which it was told that Kim is very ill. Different types of diseases have been named. Obesity and cigarette addiction were said to be major diseases. In many reports, he was even told dead. But after being away from the media for about three weeks, he got back fit.

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