Huge crowd to leave Afghanistan, three people fell from the flying plane

Huge crowd to leave Afghanistan, three people fell from the flying plane
Due to the terror of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the race to leave the country has overshadowed three people. When a plane taking off from Kabul airport could not find a place, three people hanged themselves by grabbing the tires. But his dream of leaving Afghanistan was dashed with his downfall. The video of the three falling is going viral on social media. Although when this video is from and in which plane these people were hanging, it has not been confirmed yet.

Kabul airport is currently closed due to heavy crowd and chaos. A large number of people have gathered at the airport and people want to leave Afghanistan by any flight. There have also been many videos in which people can hardly be seen pushing and entering the planes. Meanwhile, there has been a shootout at Kabul's airport and at least one person has been killed. Entire Afghanistan airspace has been cordoned off.

Taliban fighters have captured all the borders of countries adjoining Afghanistan like Pakistan, Iran. In such a situation, the airport is the only exit point through which people can leave Afghanistan. But the kind of view that is being seen from Kabul, there is a fear among people that this last option may also end soon. In such a situation, people are trying to get out of Afghanistan by sitting in any plane. Many such videos are becoming viral on social media, in which people are seen trying to hang on the plane.

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