Kim Jong Un's sister furious at America

Kim Jong Un's sister furious at America
Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has expressed displeasure over the upcoming military exercises by South Korea and the US. Kim Yo said that the US is preparing for a nuclear attack on North Korea. That is why he is conducting maneuvers in this area in collaboration with South Korea.

He said that this is a direct challenge to North Korea. If both countries continue this, Pyongyang will prepare to respond to them. He told the Korean Central News Agency that the maneuver was organized only to suppress North Korea. The US and South Korea maneuvers are to be held between 16 and 26.

Kim Yo Jong said that this is not acceptable. It is a threat to the security of the people of North Korea. This could worsen the situation across the entire Korean peninsula. He said that America will not be allowed to pursue this campaign. Pyongyang will also prepare to counter it.

Kim Yo said that as long as the US military is on the Korean peninsula, the situation is not going to return to normal. He asked the US military to withdraw as soon as possible.

Even a week ago, Kim Jong Un was in the news. At that time a medical bandage was seen on the back of his head. This bandage was seen at an event of the Korean People's Army. The event took place from July 24 to 27. Kim was involved in this. Due to this bandage, many speculations were being made about Kim's health.

Some postage stamp-sized bandages were seen on Kim's head in pictures from Korean state media. Apart from this, pictures of another incident that happened in the last days of July also came to the fore. Instead of a bandage, a dark green spot was visible. These pictures have been revealed by quoting the NK News site.

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