The maneuvers of South Korea and America surprised the dictators

The maneuvers of South Korea and America surprised the dictators
NorthKorea said on Friday that KimJongUn called for strengthening capabilities to deal with any foreign provocations during a meeting with military officials ahead of next month's annual military exercise between SouthKorea and the US. Pyongyang sees this as an offensive rehearsal.

Earlier this week, Kim reopened closed communication channels with South Korea, raising hopes of reducing hostilities on the Korean peninsula. But some experts say Pyongyang may launch missile tests or other offensive actions in response to the exercise. The practice has been replaced by Seoul and Washington over the years to support diplomacy.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Kim organized a workshop of military commanders and political officials from July 24 to 27 to discuss ways to increase North Korea's military might. It said it was the first such meeting since the establishment of North Korea's military.

KCNA reported that during the meeting, Kim "emphasized that commanders and political officials should focus their efforts on aggressively and proactively carrying out preparations to deal with any military provocation by the enemy." " Kim made clear references to the US and South Korea, alleging that "hostile forces" are strengthening their capabilities to strike first and intensify combat drills. Kim's speech, delivered by KCNA, did not mention his nuclear program and did not refer to any fiery rhetoric against the US or South Korea.

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