For not applying the mask, the police took off all the clothes of the woman.

Due to the corona epidemic, wearing a mask is the most important thing that can prevent corona from spreading. Although many people wear masks following the corona rules, but some people are negligent and are not wearing masks. There are also some people who have some kind of physical problem, due to which they cannot wear a mask. Similar is the case of a woman from England who did not apply a mask due to her problem, but she got such a heavy punishment for not wearing a mask that she had to be humiliated.

This incident happened on 25 February this year when wearing a mask was mandatory in England. Juliet Johnson, who lives in Sussex, England, went shopping at the Waitrose supermarket. She was not wearing a mask. She told that when she was shopping in the supermarket, the security guard there came to ask her to wear a mask. The woman told him that she had a serious health problem, due to which she was exempted from wearing a mask. To prove her claim, she showed the guard some papers which belonged to the doctors. After the guard left, the manager of the shop also came to interrupt her, then she told him the same thing. After this the manager immediately called the police.

When the police reached there, the woman told them the whole thing but they did not listen to her and took her to the police station by handcuffing her. The lady police present there forced her a lot and asked her to take off all her clothes because she has to be checked and then she has put on jail clothes. The victim woman did not understand what to do in such a situation, but seeing the angry face of the police, she took off all her clothes. The woman was detained by the police for a few hours and then let her go. But since this incident, the woman is ready to take revenge on the police. She has filed a case against Sussex Police accusing them of misusing his powers.

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