Know why people are afraid to go to this temple

Know why people are afraid to go to this temple
India is a country full of diversities. Here you will find different people on many levels of colour, caste, religion, language, but what unites them all. That is the cultural heritage of India, which is based on the belief of unity in diversity. This is a big reason due to which many Hindus go to the Dargah to offer Chadar, while many Muslim brothers also offer Prasad in Hindu temples. There are many temples in India where people of different religions and sects go to see God with reverence. Do you know that there is such a temple in our country, where people are afraid to go. The name of this temple is Kiradu. There are many beliefs about this, due to which no one is seen around the temple after the sun sets. For this reason, this mysterious temple is discussed in the country and the world. In this connection, let us know about the secret of Kiradu temple.

Kiradu Temple is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The fear of this temple is so prevalent among the people that no one wanders around it in the evening. At the same time, no one is seen far and wide near the surroundings of the temple at night. The architecture of this mysterious temple of Rajasthan has been made in the southern style of India.

If we talk about the history of this temple, then the local people believe that many years ago a monk had come to this place with his disciples. One day the monk left their disciples and went for a tour somewhere. During that time the health of one of his disciples deteriorated. Seeing this, the rest of the disciples sought help from the local people, but no one helped them.

Later, when the monk returned to his ashram, he came to know about this incident. Due to this he got angry and cursed all the villagers that after sunset all the people of the village would turn into stone. However, according to the local people, the sick disciple was helped by a woman from the village.

For this reason, before cursing, the monk had said that she should leave the village before sunset and not look back. However, the woman did not consider this matter of the monk serious and she looked back. Because of this she too became a stone. For this reason, the statue of that woman remains at some distance from the temple. This is a big reason, due to which no one goes far and wide near the temple after sunset.

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