Story of an island where dead bodies are scattered everywhere

Story of an island where dead bodies are scattered everywhere
There are many such strange places around the world, which are quite famous around the world due to their uniqueness. Many tourists from far and wide go to visit these places. But do you know that there is such an island in the world, where there are only dead bodies. This island is so scary that after coming here, your hair will stand. However, no live humans are allowed to visit this place. This island is completely banned for the public. This place is known as Deadman Island. Human skeletons and skulls are found on this mysterious island. This scary place is located in Kent, UK. Many dead bodies are often found at this place. In this episode, let's know about this scary island where there are only dead bodies everywhere.

This island was hidden under the sea for years. However, due to some changes within the sea, it has reappeared. Significantly, this time everyone is surprised after seeing the island.

The main reason for this is that everywhere on the island, only human bones are visible. Along with skeletons, human skulls and teeth can also be seen on this mysterious island.

Many people are surprised to see the island in this condition. According to the reports, the bodies of prisoners were buried at this place about 200 years ago. However, later due to rising sea level, the island sank in the sea.

Due to this the corpses came to the surface. After the sea level has decreased, now the island is visible again, so many skeletons are being seen on the surface. There is a lot of discussion in the country and world about this mysterious island.

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