What will happen after the sun ends?

What will happen after the sun ends?
A Jupiter-sized planet has been discovered in the galaxy, which is being called a White Dwarf. According to a team of scientists, its meeting indicates that when the existence of the sun will end, that is, when it dies, what will happen to our earth, will humans be able to survive till then. Along with finding answers to many such questions, scientists have explored the possibilities of the absence of the sun.

According to scientists, the age of the sun is about 460 million years. After the study of our solar system and the sun, it has been revealed that such a process will start in the next millions of years. At the end of which the sun will weaken from a red giant to a white dwarf.

According to the report published in The Guardian, Joshua Blackman of the University of Tasmania said about this topic that it has been found from the study of the dwarf star that this may start happening in the coming 500 million years. The Sun's center will shrink or become too small, causing the Sun to lose its ability to generate heat. But its outer layers will cool and break apart and it will reach the orbit of Mars.

In this process, our earth will also be shattered by colliding with the layers of the sun. But as soon as the sun weakens, life will start ending from the earth. The magnetic field will begin to dissipate. Gravity will begin to dissipate. In such a situation, human life cannot be imagined.

According to a recent study, Dr. Blackman said, 'Billions of years from today, the end of the sun will turn our earth into the worst place in the solar system. During this time the size of the sun will increase so much that it will absorb Mercury, Venus and even our earth. Earth's existence will not disappear, but it will not be habitable either. Our seas will evaporate and fly into space. The ground will become so hot that it will be difficult to live on it.

Themiya Nanayakara, an astronomer at the Inburn University of Technology who was not involved in the research, said the recent discovery suggests that outer gas giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn may survive after the Sun has extinguished. Won't make any difference. In fact, during the process of the sun becoming a red giant, there will be danger on the earth.

Scientists say that such a study model was used in the year 2018. According to computer studies, in the case of death of 90% of the stars, it happens that they are first red giants, which later become white dwarfs when they die. That is, here he dies. Scientists say that whenever a star dies, it is a big event in space. On this basis, an attempt was made to find the answer to the question of what would happen if Suraj died.

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