A woman drinks five glasses of urine a day.

A woman drinks five glasses of urine a day.
Carrie, a 53-year-old woman living in the United States, says she loves drinking her own urine. She have been drinking urine for the last 4 years. Carey has said that she is addicted to drinking urine and claimed that it also tastes like champagne.

According to a report in 'The Sun UK', Carrie, a resident of Colorado, has been addicted to drinking urine for four years. Carrie herself admitted that it is easier for her to drink urine than water. She drinks at least 5 glasses of urine a day, that is, in 4 years, she has drunk about 3406 liters of urine.

Speaking on TLC's My Strange Addiction, Carrie says, "I love hot pee. It's relaxing. My urine smells like it depends on what I eat, today compared to four years ago It tastes a little different." It is "according to Carey," sometimes it tastes salty, sometimes it tastes like champagne. ,

Carey began drinking her own urine when she was diagnosed with melanoma cancer four years ago. Instead of chemotherapy, she decided to receive treatment through urine. "I also use urine as a toothpaste," says Carey.

However, her daughter has forbade him from all these things. She also took her mother to the doctor, who started Carrie's treatment. But Carrie won't stop drinking urine. She says, “If I leave, I will die.”

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