The wife tied a leash around her husband's neck.

The wife tied a leash around her husband's neck.
In Brazil, a woman was seen walking her husband like a dog on the streets. People were stunned as their pictures went viral on social media. The woman had tied a chain around her husband's neck. The reasoning you gave for doing this is also very interesting. Let's know the whole thing

According to the report of 'Daily Star', the name of the woman is Luana Kazaki and her husband's name is Arthur Orso. The two were seen photographed at a busy railway station and on the streets of Brazil. You can see in the photo how Luana treats her husband like a dog.

Arthur had an iron chain around his neck, which was held by Luana. She was walking with them with the help of that chain. Arthur had a mask on his face. Luana Kazaki says they did this to increase "love and romance" between them.

In an interview Luana said: 'I don't care what people think. I am not doing any illegal work. We have done this work without harming anyone. We believe that this leads to increased love and libido between the two of us.

Luana was seen spinning her husband Arthur on a dog leash. This couple also got a photoshoot done. During this, Luana's husband was seen sitting on the ground like a dog, some pictures of which have also surfaced.

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