1 bloody squirrel imposed lockdown in the whole city, people lurking in the houses due to panic

1 bloody squirrel imposed lockdown in the whole city, people lurking in the houses due to panic
Once again the havoc of Corona has started in the world. This time Omicron has scared people. People who have been vaccinated are also getting infected with this virus. To protect against corona, people have been advised to step out of the house only for essential work, but people are not hesitant to go out even to have fun. Meanwhile, news came that people were imprisoned in their homes in Buckle Town, Flintshire, Wales. These people are in lockdown not because of Corona but because of a squirrel.

According to the information, so far this squirrel has attacked about 18 people. All of them bled from the squirrel attack. People were so frightened by the squirrel that they were not coming out of the house. The mother of 29-year-old Cole, who was a victim of the horror of this bloody squirrel, told that suddenly the squirrel jumped on her daughter. After that the squirrel bit Cole's hand three times. After attacking Cole, the squirrel also attacked his mother.

According to local media, this squirrel has attacked 18 people so far. In the midst of Christmas celebrations, squirrels forced people to imprison them in the house. People were making rounds of doctors to get tetanus injection on Christmas. People were so frightened by the attack of this squirrel that they hired the person who caught this squirrel after depositing 10 thousand rupees. The squirrel catcher was trying to catch him from the cage.

It also attacked the team that came to catch the squirrel. A member of the team showed his hand and told people how the squirrel had bled him too. Ultimately, the team managed to catch the squirrel and lock it in the cage after hard work. People heaved a sigh of relief after the squirrel was caught.

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